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11 original short novels published by The Shortish Project

11 original short novels published by The Shortish Project

It's been seven months since the Project launched, and we're excited to have announced 11 original short novels under The Shortish Project imprint. Check them out here.

All of the titles published by The Shortish Project are available at local and online booksellers and directly from The Shortish Project.

A few highlights:

David W. Berner's The Islander was a finalist for 2023 The Hawthorne Award. The novella follows an aging American-born writer who retreats to a remote island off the coast of Ireland.

The Uncanny Case of Gilles/Jennette by Jill Dearman is a gender-swapped take on Jekyll and Hyde, set in Hudson, NY, during the Great Depression. Lambda Literary featured the novella on their list of summer must-reads, and Kirkus Reviews called it "a pointed contemporary twist on a classic horror setup."

Danny the Ambulance by Jared Joseph is about a man who enters a dive bar in LA, only to discover everyone there is named Danny. The absurdist short novel has already won unique high praise: "Jared Joseph’s glittering debut makes me feel like God just thumped me over the head and gave me a lollipop." - Angie Sijun Lou

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