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Jared Joseph reads from Danny the Ambulance

Jared Joseph reads from Danny the Ambulance

Author Jared Joseph reads from his short novel Danny the Ambulance, published by The Shortish Project.

A man walks into a bar and over the course of the night realizes everyone there is named Danny.... Jared Joseph's DANNY THE AMBULANCE is a mind-bending novel told with masterful wit. 'Have you ever seen Danny Welle’s adaptation of Danny Kafka’s The Trial? Danny Joseph’s Danny The Ambulance is there, in the Jury Room dive bar, and we might be drunk but it seems like nothing is what it seems. Danny Joseph invites us into a verisimilar reality like Danny Egger’s The Lighthouse or Danny Bergman’s Persona, but he does it in a way that is whip crack smart and sardonic and decidedly modern. When all of art and pop culture and identity are simply echoes of each other across an uncanny valley, this author cries out, reminding us, Oh Danny boys, the archetypes, the archetypes are calling!' - Jesi Bender, author of Dangerous Women and Kinderkrankenhaus

Jared Joseph is a writer based in Los Angeles.

Danny the Ambulance is available from local booksellers as well as Amazon and Outpost19.

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